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Release date

  • 20th June 2012


  • This release has been focused on improving the efficiency of the Connect Xf servers, allowing a single server to host more users (over 5000 users on a single Dual Core server) and handle larger mail flow (more than 1,50,000 mail a day).
  • This has been achieved by improving two key components:
  • The LDAP directory server.
  • The prequeue engine.
  • The improvements related to the directory server include:
  • Updated the OpenLDAP version
  • Better diagnostics and monitoring
  • Reducing the connections to the OpenLDAP server
  • The prequeue engine has been enhanced to include two new stages:
  • SISA stage
  • Prequeue mail routing stage.
  • The archiving stage has been enhanced to separate out the personal and compliance archive stages.
  • The prequeue engine now caches domain data across processes, reducing the calls to the OpenLDAP based directory and increasing the efficiency of the Connect Xf servers.

New Features

Single Instance Storage for Attachments (SISA)

  • Email with large attachments sent to multiple recipients on the same server take up a lot of bandwidth and disk space.
  • A single email can even bring down the mail server performance.
  • To address these issues, Connect Xf 3.8 introduces a new feature called Single Instance Storage for Attachments (SISA).
  • When enabled, the mails having attachments and having a size greater than a threshold will be stripped off its attachment. The 'stripped mail' now has a link to the original mail on the server which can be accessed by the recipients to view the attachments.
Figure: A Stripped Mail with a header with the link to the original mail


Description Resource
User Documentation
Admin Documentation

Prequeue routing

  • The new prequeue mail routing stage helps you customize your mail flow to reduce bottlenecks. Ensuring faster mail delivery and greater server efficiency.
  • Mail for certain destinations, such as other mail box servers,domains etc can be delivered directly from the prequeue stage to the relevant postfix shunting queue running on the server.


Description Resource
Admin Documentation


Directory Server Improvements

What Description
Open LDAP version
  • Connect Xf now integrates Open LDAP version 2.4.30.
  • The default tuning of the OpenLDAP server has been improved allowing more connections to the server.
Scripts to check replication
Scripts to force replication
  • Besides the original log rotation agent, a new agent is added to rotate the openldap logs on an hourly basis.
  • Refer LDAP Log rotation

Prequeue Improvements

  • In addition to the new prequeue stages for SISA and prequeue routing, the improvements to prequeue further improve the efficiency of the Connect Xf server.
  • The key improvements are given in the table below.
What Description
Reducing the number of mail copies injected in the queue
  • Mails injected into the qmail queue are grouped according to the mail copy. This decreases the number of mail that have to be processed by qmail-queue
Data caching
  • Domain data reused in different prequeue stages is cached to reduce LDAP connections and reduce prequeue processing time.
  • This is achieved using the memcached service.
Reusing LDAP and database connections
  • By reusing LDAP and database connections across the different prequeue stages, the deviation in prequeue processing time is reduced substantially.


Description Resource
Admin documentation for configuring the memcached service


  • The disaster recovery solution has been enhanced to include auto fail over.
  • In addition the drbd_diagnostics script has been improved.


Description Resource
Setting up Heartbeat for auto fail over


Bug number Description
HTML mail sanitization
Mail forwarding
Remove view source feature from Baya
  • The view source feature has been removed to prevent cross scripting attacks.
  • Users can download mail and open in a desktop editor to view the source.

Authentication Service

  • The authentication service can now be called via a connector.
  • The connector allows you to choose the protocol (http/https) the application manager (tomcat or tomcat2) and even configure failover.


Description Resource
Configuring the authentication service


Bug number Description
  • Calendar application was not working after upgrade
  • Could not view the user's calendar from the Thunderbird client
  • Ckeditor was not visible in Chrome 11.
  • If javascript is disabled on browser then it should give appropriate message.
  • If cookies are disabled on browser then it should give appropriate message.
  • The rsyslog rules present in rsyslog.conf are not checking exact match in data fields causing rsyslog to hang.
  • Autocomplete working slow, reduced the number of LDAP requests.
  • The authservice now can handle special characters in password.
  • LDAP service stops after executing /mithi/mcs/bin/resetldapreplication.sh
  • Baya login is slow. Reduced the calls to getdomainpropeties.sh.
  • Moved domain data into the MUD.
  • Reduced the number of LDAP writes to Master by agents.
  • Access log size was increasing fast in fresh installation and on standalone server.
  • Chinese chars were seen In IE on Centos 6.
  • Compose page was not having scrollbar
  • Spam management page was not having scrollbar
  • Addressbook page was not having scrollbar.
  • Baya is removing the context of inline attachment to normal attachment on mail forward
  • Login IP not available at the IMAP login process, now reports will show the imap login IP.
  • For new user .spam folder was not getting created in maildir when he receives mail for first time.
  • Disabled the rate limiting feature in rsyslog.
  • Group mails do not get archived
  • External senders and external recipients reports showing wrong results
  • Raw data collection fails for mail having special chars(singlequote and backslash) in their mail subject.

Pre and Post Upgrade Steps

For details, refer the topic Pre and Post Upgrade Steps (MCS_3.6.0.31_to_3.8.0.18)