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Managing your Connect XF

To know more about Managing your Connect XF installation refer to the following topics

Administration Basics

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Connect XF Entities
Administrator Roles
User Class of Service
Application Manager Interface
Command line Interface
Provisioning using the Application Manager
Provisioning using the Command Line Interface
Setting entity properties

Advance feature Configurations

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Configuring Compliance Archiving

Configuring Desktop Clients

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Configuring Thunderbird

Doing more with your Connect XF

You can configure the Connect XF in different architectures.

Following are some of the popular architectures:

  • Relay (incoming and outgoing) + Mail Server
  • Relay + Mail Server with a disaster recovery server for the e-mail server
  • Load balanced architecture with multiple e-mail servers connected to common storage
  • Distributed setups

You can configure Connect XF for many security features. Following are some ConnectXF configurable security features:

  • Mail archival
  • Mail policies
  • Password policies
  • Access control
  • Administrator roles and so on

You can integrate Connect XF with your other enterprise solutions with built-in connectors. Some of the things that you can do with this integration:

  • Authenticate with external director servers such as ADS
  • Synchronize the data to and from other directory servers such as ADS
  • Share address books with proprietary e-mail solutions such as Lotus and MS Exchange
  • Co-exist with proprietary e-mail solutions such as Exchange such that the users of a domain are distributed across the two systems

To know more about these and other solutions, contact us at: sales@mithi.com

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