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Parameter validation status report gave a list of invalid parameters

  • The installation of Connect XF and the related function to check the environment and input parameters generates a report on all the environment and input parameters. If any of the parameter is invalid, then it throws up an error and the installation cannot proceed.
  • To correct the environment parameters, you may need to:
  • Update hardware OR
  • Re-install OS with the instructions given.
  • To correct the input parameters, correct the respective values in the kickstart file.

The execution status report shows warnings

An execution report is generated at the end of the installation. The report gives a list of warnings, if any. Warnings can be ignored.

The execution status report shows errors

For a quick resolution of installation problems, post the error with the logs files on the support forum at http://www.mithi.com/forum.html.

You must send the following files from the Linux server as attachment to the e-mail:


Installation succeeded, but I cannot access the postmaster account using Baya

Restart the LDAP, HTTP and Tomcat services by running the following commands on the Linux prompt:


Getting support for the Connect XF installation

For quick response to your queries on the Connect XF installation, post the queries on the forum at


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