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Support Advisory Mailserver: Vaultastic MR (Mail Router) : 3.38

3.38: Download CMR

Check last 5 installed patches

rpm -qa --last | grep -i mithi-patch | grep -i 3.38 | head -n 5

March 2019

Document ID Impact Release date Patch Name Description Service restart after installation/uninstallation Additional comment
3.38-00201032019 Low Risk 01 March mithi-patch-mailrouter_APV0-p1- Patch to fix auto user creation bugs /etc/init.d/memcached restart This patch will fix bugs:
1) Mails with random mail ids are not delivered.
2)Auto user failed if mail id contains random mail ids.
3) Skip archival if user id is present in skip archiving list

Need to to install patches on vaultatsic server having Document ID: 3.32-41101032019
3.38-00101032019 Low Risk 01 March mithi-patch-first_mr_patch_for_autopatch-p1- First patch for auto patch dependency No service restart required Before installation of patch
Change version in file: /mithi/mcs/ver.txt to