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Mithi Connect Server- In Premise Enterprise

Mithi Connect Xf is an Enterprise Collaboration Server based on Linux and OSS components. It can be deployed in various different setups to suite different sizes and needs of an enterprise. This is typically deployed In Premise (your own data center) on your own servers and is managed and maintained by your own IT team.

Getting Started

Get step-by-step help on installing and configuring Mithi Connect Xf server.

Download Center

Download latest Product Releases, Service Packs and Hot Fixes.


Learn how to configure and Use Baya (web client), Desktop Clients, and Mobile Clients for accessing the Collaboration applications from the Connect Xf server.

Product Release Notes

Get up to date information on latest product releases.


Administrators guide to installing, configuring, managing and maintaining Connect Xf.

Customer Advisory

Stay up to date Security Alerts, Hot Fixes and Performance Recommendations from Mithi.

Connect Xf Product Support Policy

Learn about the policies governing the product support provided by Mithi for Connect Xf.


* Categories in Connect Xf

* Troubleshooting topics in ConnectXf

* Demo Videos